Villa Mia is ideally equipped all year round with double-glazing, central-heating and log-burning fire giving you the chance to enjoy the island at its quietest. All year round temperatures in Crete always significantly exceed those in the UK and virtually never fall to freezing. Often the highest UK daytime temperature matches the Cretan night time lowest temperature! With only two good falls of snow in coastal regions in the past 50 years our plants continue to flower and you can eat outside most days wearing only a light jacket. There are many delightful walks in the surrounding area and a profusion of wildflowers all around. The views of the snow-capped White Mountains from the villa are breathtaking. Flights are available from major UK airports via Athens into Chania or Heraklion year round at reasonable rates.

Car hire can still be arranged, the island is very peaceful, and we can recommend the best tavernas which remain open all year - one within strolling distance. Those wishing to experience the excellent walks which Crete has to offer will benefit from the mild weather in the off season, as in summer it is just TOO hot to walk far!

For one or two-week stays you can see our pricing on our Prices page, but we are prepared to offer discounts on longer-term lets of three or more weeks. This will depend upon the time of year, and you are best dropping us an email or giving us a call to discuss.

Roaring fire at Christmas - click below for gallery

For lets of 4 weeks or longer in our off season (typically between November and April) we are offering a special price of £550 per 4-week period, irrespective of the number of guests (up to the maximum of 6).

What is included in our long-term rate reflects the needs and preferences of those guests staying longer, who prefer to do their own shopping, cleaning and laundry and choose how much they spend and to what extent they use light and heating. Accordingly our base rental rate is set very low (with 4 weeks costing less than a single week at any other time of the year!) with no scope within that rate to offer "free" what is normally rolled into the cost, other than domestic water, solar pool heating and uncapped broadband internet usage and phonecalls, which we consider all long-stay guests will need to stay in touch. Utility bills would be calculated from meter-readings taken on arrival and departure and then charged locally and we would be happy to arrange for a delivery of logs for you to enable you to snuggle up to a real fire in the evenings.